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The State of the Modern Family and Four Warning Signs

In his book, The Family and Civilization, sociologist Carl Zimmerman points out that the decline of ancient empires always correlated with the decline of the family.  He gives us four warning signs of the collapse of the family which led to the collapse of the empire:

·       A disregard for the marriage bond.

·       A decreasing birth rate.

·       A downgrading of the authority of parents.

·       A sharp rise in juvenile (and adult) delinquency.


The disregard for the marriage bond was evidenced by an ever increasing divorce rate.  People became more concerned with their own pleasure, rather than the good of the family.  Sexual immorality, including adultery and homosexuality, greatly increased.


A decreasing birth rate was the inevitable result of abortion, and leaving undesirable infants to die through exposure to the elements.  Natural forms of birth control were practiced.  The children that did survive were often considered to  belong to the State.


Parental rights and duties with regard to their children, such as physical discipline or the choice of a marriage partner for the child, were downgraded.  Rebellious children, claiming independence against their own parents, were accepted as normal.


With the breakdown of marital faithfulness and parental authority came a rise in juvenile (and adult) delinquency.  The society gradually became indifferent to any absolute standard of right and wrong.  The crime rate increased exponentially.


The family farm, or estate, was no longer the focus of individuals.  Homes became just  a place to sleep and eat.  The family was no longer a unit, under the authority of the father, for mutual love, loyalty, instruction, work, support, defense and inheritance.


The typical American family in the early twenty-first century exhibits these four warning signs to one degree or another.  In modern America, there is a widespread disregard for the marriage bond, as seen in our skyrocketing divorce rate.


There is an almost universal acceptance of sexual immorality in cinema, stage, rock music and country & western lyrics.  Homosexuality is now on the rise and is legally protected, contrary to both Biblical Law and 1500 years of Christian Common Law.

America has a declining birth rate due to its murder of unborn infantsby the millions since Roe vs. Wade.  Birth control is now a regular practice in most American families.  The State assumes jurisdiction over parents in matters of child discipline and education.


Parental rights and duties in teaching and disciplining their children have been emasculated by the State.  Children can be seized by the State on almost any pretext of "child abuse" and given to foster parents more agreeable to the State.


Children from broken homes often feel betrayed and are usually emotionally scarred.  Juvenile delinquency has been the inevitable result of unfaithful parents and undisciplined children.  The American crime rate has soared upward and the society accepts rebellious children and young adults as normal.


The family estate is no longer the focus.  Many homes are now just  a place to "hang your hat and crash."  The American family is no longer a unit, under the authority of the father, for mutual love, loyalty, instruction, work, support, defense and inheritance.


There are a few faithful Christian souls, like Doug Phillips of Vision Forum, that are trying to stand against this tidal wave of evil.  A return to the God of the Bible in both individual and national repentance is what America needs to stem its decline and doom.


This would involve a whole-hearted return to the Law-Word of God, as summarized  in the Ten Commandments and explained in the societal Case Laws of the Pentateuch.  Biblical Case Law is the basis for Christian Common Law.


Since God is Sovereign (King) over all his Creation, His Law-Word should be imposed on all American society, whether or not they agree.  His Law cannot change people's hearts.  But His Law can restrain evil, if properly enforced by "one nation under God."

It would have to be based on a love for God and for one's neighbor, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 22, verse 40:   "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."


Editorial for May-June 2012

The U.S. Constitution depends on Religion and Morality





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