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But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  To him be glory both now and forever.  Amen.  2 Peter 3:18


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“Thou shalt have NO OTHER GODS before me.”   (Exodus 20:3)   

“And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech....”   (Leviticus 18:21) 

The word Moloch (Melech) means, “king” in Hebrew.  The concept of the king as god, the divine-human link, is an old one.  The king became identified with the god to the degree that he exercised absolute power.   

Moloch worship was worship of the king (government worship).  The “STATE” was the true order.  The priests (astrologers and magicians) were the king's advisors.  Sacrifices to Moloch were thought to buy protection and power.   

The STATE claimed total jurisdiction over man (womb to tomb) and thus it was entitled to total sacrifice.  The Ammonites and Canaanites made human sacrifice to this god.   

Even apostate Israelites sacrificed their children to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom (Jeremiah 32:35).  The sacrifice of children was the supreme sacrifice to this “Lord” (“Baal” in Hebrew). 


The modern word for a Moloch government is TOTALITARIAN -- a government that arrogates to itself total power.  Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin's Communist Russia, Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Iran, and Innocent III's Medieval Papacy are all examples of a totalitarian government. 

Satan's crowning goal is to have a totalitarian one-world government -- with himself as its god.  The Moloch state is the supreme effort of man and devil to command the future, to predestine the world, and to be as God.  

The Moloch state is a result of unbelief in the God of the Bible.  When any people reject God as their king, and replace him with devil or man, God declares the consequences in 1 Samuel 8:7-18.  In summary, God tells us that the Moloch state will: 

-- Have a military conscription. 

-- Demand compulsory labor from young men and women.

-- Expropriate private land and livestock. 

-- Demand a tithe (tenth) of man's income as a tax.

The above consequences are met and surpassed by many modern Moloch states.  They play god and refuse to be content with just one tithe.  They arrogate to themselves a combined income and social security tax equal to several tithes.  

In ancient Israel, God required tithes of crops and livestock equal to 10% of total income.  The modern Moloch state demands much more -- both in tithes and in sacrifice.   


The means of sacrificing children to Moloch was to make them “pass through the fire” to him (Jeremiah 32:35).  The children were burnt alive.   

A modern version of this can be found in people sacrificing their children to the STATE controlled Public Schools.  Moloch demands our children.  It will cost you something to keep them out through private education.  

The fire used today is more deadly than the ancient, literal flame.  It is a spiritual fire that destroys their ability to discern right from wrong and good from evil

The public schools have thrown out God in favor of man -- Biblical Law in favor of humanism.  They teach evolution instead of Creation and situation ethics instead of the Ten Commandments.   

Children, now descended from apes, act as apes and shoot classmates.  And why not?  Innocent, unborn babies can be legally killed.  Why not kill teachers and classmates that irritate you?  They're only a bunch of apes.   

Survival of the fittest applies.  Not the foreign sounding “Thou shalt not murder” of the Bible.   

(Note: The Theory of Evolution helped spawn both Nazism and Communism.  Hitler and Marx were both believers in Evolution.  Both advocated survival of the fittest and mass murder). 

Sex education, taught without the necessity of the marriage bond, is just another name for teaching whoredom.  Abortion is taught as a “woman's choice” rather than murder.  

Homosexuality is taught as an “alternate lifestyle” rather than an abomination to God.  Moloch is turning out a whole generation who are low on patriotism, high on One-World Government (a major goal of the NEA).   

After 12 grades of this STATIST education, they know little of history, and are condemned to repeat it -- as slaves of a New World Order. 

This is Moloch worship with a vengeance.  Not content, like ancient kingdoms, to destroy the child's body, the modern Moloch state wants to destroy the child's soul.   

Hindu Gurus, Occult Witches and New Agers are welcomed as an “enriching experience” by the public schools.  Bible reading, prayer, or even the mention of the Lord Jesus Christ, during class time, are now outlawed in most public schools.  

Yet common schools were originally established by Calvinist Christians as a means for children to learn to read the Bible.  Why learn to read the Bible?  The children were to read the Bible for their soul's salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


The First Commandment and the Pope





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