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2 Peter 3:18





“Thou shalt not kill.”   (Exodus 20:13)


“For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath showed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.”   (James 2:13)



“Incarceration without due process; the use of torture; political assassination; the cutting off of hands, feet, ears, tongues, and heads; and the gouging out of eyes-all of these things are part of Islamic law today....”[1]


“Feysulla Mechubad, age 77, a leader in the small, Iranian Jewish community, paid the penalty for being Jewish on February 5, 1994. He "had his eyes gouged out before his death. He had also been connected to torture instruments and severely flogged on his back, limbs and face before being executed.”[2]




“Western soldiers who fought the Arabs were always trained to keep their last bullet for themselves-an insurance against the torture they inevitably faced.


During the Arab's war with France between 1954-1962 French soldiers caught by Arabs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or Syria were "buried to their necks in sand to die in the blazing sun and were sometimes smeared with honey or jam to attract the ants.”[3]


“... Israeli soldiers, who were overrun on the Golan Heights in the first hours of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, were found tied hand and foot with bullet holes in the backs of the heads. Their genitals had been cut off and stuffed in their mouths.”[4]


“During the current intifada (Palestinian uprising), the local Arabs have killed nearly twice as many of their own people as have the Israeli army. Many of these Arabs have been butchered in the most cruel fashion for no reason at all.”[5]


“Simply for working in an Israeli administered hospital in Gaza, a nine-months pregnant Arab nurse was dragged out of the operation room in the middle of an operation and hacked to death in the corridor.”[6]




“[The victim's] hands and legs were chained to the fenders of four vehicles. When a Fatah officer signaled with his pistol, the four cars raced away, tearing his body apart while the horrified spectators screamed.”[7]


 “Another favorite was to slowly dismember live human beings with chain saws. First the fingers, joint by joint; the toes; hands; feet; lower arm; lower leg; and so on.”[8]


“A witness to the barbarity is still tortured by the terrible screams of her 21-year-old friend. 'Why don't you kill me,' she screamed. 'We will, we will,' the animals replied.”[9]




The English word "assassin" is actually an Arabic word. It comes from the Latin word “assassinus” which is taken from the Arabic word “hashshashin.”


Hashshashin literally means “smokers of hashish” and was used as a description of those Muslims who smoked hashish to whip themselves into a religious frenzy before killing their enemies.


It came into European vocabulary through the Muslim sect called “The Assassins” who believe Allah had called them to kill people as a sacred duty.  The Assassins terrorized the Middle East from eleventh to the thirteenth century.[10]


Another name for the Assassins was the “Fedayeen” (fighters).  This is the Arab word for all Arab terrorists today.  Most Arab nations levy a 2% “Fedayeen Tax” on entertainment tickets to support their beloved “fighters”.[11]


Terrorist warfare has allowed Arab and other Islamic regimes to attack Western targets while denying any responsibility for these attacks.  Pan Am Flight 103 (1989) over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed all 269 people on board, is just one example of this.




Kenneth R. Timmerman, in a Wall Street Journal column, provides convincing evidence that the explosion of TWA Flight 800 (1996) off the coast of Long Island, NY was another act of Islamic terrorism.


Timmerman reported, “On three separate occasions before TWA flight 800 went down off the Long Island coast in July 1996, the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration received explicit warnings that Iran was planning an attack against a U.S. airliner 'originating in Athens, Greece.'


TWA 800 arrived in New York from Athens, before being refueled for its fight to Paris on July 17.”[12] Timmerman also writes for Reader's Digest and publishes The Iran Brief, an investigative newsletter.


He went on to note that U.S. Navy commander William Donaldson had recently issued a report on the TWA crash pointing to a foreign terrorist attack. Although there is still doubt over who was responsible for the destruction of TWA Flight 800, Donaldson has expressed his personal view that the likely culprit was Iran.




Steve Emerson, of the award-winning documentary JIHAD IN AMERICA, warns that Islamic terrorists are operating on American soil.  The World Trade Center bombing in New York may just be the beginning of their Jihad in America.


Syria, Iraq, Libya and Iran have provided arms, embassies, intelligence services and money to various terror organizations operating against the West, thereby transforming Islamic terrorism into an international malignancy.


“The hijacking and bombing of aircraft, the bombing of embassies, the murder of diplomats, and the taking of hostages by Arab terrorists have since been adopted by non-Arab terrorists the world over.”[13]


Muslims may call it holy war.  But the God of the Bible calls it murder.  Islam is a religion of hate and murder.  It is an enormous violation of the Sixth Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13).







The Sixth Commandment and Vatican (Part 1)






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